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Site-logo "You will be required to guide a lost child through a world that operates on foreign rules. The child’s name is “Mellow" and he doesn’t know much about anything other than the fact that he has a strong gut instinct. With a little help from his guardian angel (You!), Mellow will be able to overcome many obstacles in the way of him finding a place he can call “home…" wherever that may be."

Endacopia is a click-and-point indie horror game independently created by ANDYLAND planned to release in winter of 2024. The player acts as a guardian angel for a lost & distractible child, Mellow, in an attempt to protect him in his journey to find his "home."

                                                         In this game, you get to…

                                                   Explore strange environments!

                                                     Solve a variety of puzzles!

                                        Fight weirdos in first person perspective!

                                            Collect useful items in your inventory!

                                                             Talk to strangers!

                                                          Click on funny things!

                                                             Get distracted...?

                                              Stumble across hidden secrets!


Mellow is a lost child who must find his way home. However, the world that Mellow finds himself in is strange and disturbing, and he is constantly in danger. Players must use their wits and their guardian angel to help Mellow overcome the obstacles in his way and find his way home.

The game's world is full of strange and disturbing creatures, as well as hidden secrets. Players must explore the world and solve puzzles in order to progress. The game also features a number of mini-games, which players can play to earn rewards.

Endacopia is a challenging game, but it is also a rewarding one. The game's world is full of surprises, and the puzzles are challenging but fair. The game's story is also engaging, and players will be eager to see how it ends.


W - Up
A - Left
S - Down
D - Right
Left-click - Interact/do action
Right-click - Choose action


ANDYLAND - Creation, Art, Programming, Sound Design & Writing

AndyLand is the creator, artist, programmer, sound designer, and writer for Endacopia. He's a full-time independent animator who’s usually working on pixelated shorts uploaded to YouTube, music videos commissioned by bands or companies, and collaborative webgames available on Itch.io and Newgrounds. More details are available on his website!


Endacopia (2024)
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